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Posted October 22, 2015

You may think that when a kid asks for a puppy, an American pit bull is not the best substitute, but I would not agree with you. It may seem terrifying (and without a proper training it is, do you know what those jaws are capable of?) but a trained pit bull is a man's best friend.
I was only 8 years old when Khan started living with us. While he was eight times younger, he was also twice as heavy as me, so during the first few days whenever he saw me he would eagerly charge in my direction to knock me down and proceed to drown me in his saliva. He eventually stopped doing that, but I wish he didn't.
He never barked, never snapped at anyone, and always wore that goofy "smile" so wide that he looked like an actual khan. Sometimes he would cause trouble and run away through the front door if he really felt like going for a walk, and he never learned not to chase cats, so many of those have actually met their demise in his jaws (dark, I know). Even though he had a very strict training, if he felt like having fun nothing could stop him from doing what he wanted. But to me that was the most ideal (and, ironically, the most disciplined) dog I've ever had.
I know it sounds that he could be pretty dangerous with all the tricks he pulled on us, but again, pit bulls, if trained properly, will channel all their energy into loving their owner rather than something destructive.

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