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United States

Posted December 9, 2014

One day my husband decided that our dog was lonely and needed a friend so we went to the shelter to look for a second dog. There was one cage that seemed empty so I whistled at it and this exuberant, lovely pit-mix comes bounding around out of nowhere. We asked to see her, when the opened the door, my husband knelt down to see if she would come to him she flung herself full force into his arms and tried to sit in his lap. Needless to say she came home with us.

The number one problem with Duski was that she LOVED YOU! She loved you so much, she wanted to be with you, on top of you, all the time, she LOVED everything we had and nearly everyone we met. So long as they didn't approach her sister when they were out together. She grew to be about 35lbs of pure muscle, she loved to spend nearly all her free time running laps around the yard, and she would still fling herself full force into you.

I'm convinced that her previous owners did not speak English and didn't work with her at all. I LOVE that dog but she is not incredibly bright. It would take forever just to learn sit. And you could tell that she wanted so desperately to please you, but she had a sister who was a show off and would do all her tricks at once and overwhelm her. And treats are just so tasty and what are you saying anyways mom, I LOVE you!, and just lose her track of thought.

She was super nervous and unreliable if left alone. We tried crate training and would crate her at night and when we left. She was almost instantly housebroken and hardly ever had an accident. She would never bark in the house but thought she was a bad-ass as soon as she went outside. She would mislead you into thinking everything was cool, so you'd leave her out, with the other dog, when you ran to the store and then she'd loose her mind, eat 3 shoes, a boot tray and the remote.

She LOVED the cats, but whereas the other dog, found them fun to chase, Duski was actually better at interacting with them she would try and lick their face and when they cried, hissed or batted at her she would go full submission mode and grovel and beg for them to let her near them.

Duski needed someone to intently work with her all day, every day, to help her learn, in a way that she could. I did not have the skills needed to help her be her best. She had her flaws but she was the sweetest, most loving, and totally overwhelming dog. She was exhausting and wakes up at 7:35 every day and cries like the world is ending until you let her out. But she totally made it worth it when she would finally just lay down with you and LOVE you.

When my husband and I split he got the dogs, and I kept the cats, so I do not have Duski in my life anymore.

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