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Me, myself and Spunkey


876, Jamaica

Posted April 3, 2016

We got Spunkey around the time he was born. He was dropped at our doorstep by a friend who told us we could have him. The neighbours and i argued for days about what to name him; there was a toss-up between Rex and Spunkey but they finally caved and accepted the name Spunkey. The name was inspired by an animated movie i had seen when i was much younger starring a troublesome and loving puppy which was abandoned by its owner and its journey to finding its mother. I owned Spunkey while i was attending Primary School in Jamaica, he would often jump over the gate and walk me to school since the distance was relatively short. He would then listen for the bell and wait until he saw me, then jump over the fence and walk me home. My parents had no need to walk or drive me to school knowing Spunkey was keeping me safe. As time progressed, Spunkey began entering my school and even though the teachers and other students were terrified at first, they began to warm up to him and let him sit with me during our morning devotion. Whenever i came home from school and i had problems and my parents weren't around, Spunkey was the one i would talk to and he actually listened. He was the kind of dog who loved affection and would often use his nose and maneuver my hand unto his head to pet him. But whenever i needed to talk, he would sit and look at me and demonstrate his understanding by nodding to me, tilting his head or giving an approving bark. He was the best thing, as i young boy, that i had in my life. I played with him every day, walked him every day and spoke to him every day; he really was my best friend. Around the time i taught Spunkey to shake people's hands, we got 2 new dogs...which is where it all started to go downhill. As time progressed, the fights for food and mating became more and more frequent. Spunkey became violent with people of the family, even bit my Uncle Carl at Christmas...but i still loved him despite all that. However, the climax of his violence was when he bit my mother. Now because of the relationship i had with my dog, i had mixed feelings when they started talking about giving him away and putting him down. I was a relatively quiet child, but when the neighbour (who lived on the compound with us) suggested giving him away, i was livid. That night, i sat on the grass with Spunkey and just talked to him for hours because i feared what was coming...his exile. The next day i went to school and enjoyed an average day of eating, socializing and learning. When i got home however, and noticed that Spunkey didn't greet me at the gate. I marched up to the neighbours quarters and demanded to know where my dog was...and she told me. They gave him away. For the next 6 months, i was a shell, no one could talk to me and if they did, every conversation was about my dismay...my peril. I was destroyed, so much so that well into my teen years at high school, there have been times i've burst into random rants about how upset i was, whenever my girlfriend asked me to open up to her about my past. Spunkey was the best pet for me and even though he had his problems, he understood me and demonstrated his love every single day. I will always remember him and keep him in a special place in my heart.

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