American Pit Bull Terrier / Labrador Retriever Mix

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Lab Mixed with What ??


United States

Posted May 29, 2015

I got Blackjack from a pet store one day. I was wandering around just looking at the puppies and couldn't resist the little black one that was on "Clearance" - supposedly he was getting too big to stay there. They told me he was a black lab mixed with sharpei. He was definitely a bit wrinkly which made him even cuter. Anyway, I bought him and took him home and gave him all the toys and goodies you get for cute little puppies. The older he got the more convinced I was that this was not a lab mixed with a sharpei. He started looking more like a pit bull. And over time the wrinkles disappeared. I guess that was partly my fault. That dog could eat! My roommate at the time had a dog too and I am pretty sure that Blackjack was eating both bowls of food when nobody was looking! He never had an appetite problem, that's for sure.
He wasn't scary looking and never acted out with any aggression like the pit bull breed seems to be prone to. He always barked when anybody came near the house and I appreciated that. He didn't bark unless he thought it was important, so he wasn't a nuisance. They neighbors knew if they heard him barking it was because somebody was hanging around outside.

He lived a long life, mostly in the suburbs - and always outdoors. He was never allowed in the house unless it was too hot or too cold to stay out back. I don't think he minded. He spent a lot of time running the yard which made the lawn not so attractive, but oh well. The last few years he spent a lot of time at the coast and really enjoyed getting out to walk on the trails and run on the sandy beach. He finally ended up getting sick and had to be put down. He started coughing a lot and the vet said that it was due to his enlarged heart pressing on his lungs. I guess that kind of thing just happens sometimes. He never had any other major problems. I would definitely own another dog like him again.

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