American Pit Bull Terrier / Labrador Retriever Mix

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Pit Bulls are the most sweet, loving dogs out there


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Posted April 14, 2015

My family and I owned a Pit Bull/Labrador Retriever rescue dog. Each dog has its own personality and the awful media light on Pit Bulls very biased. As long as you love a dog, the dog will love you back. My dog was not very needy or sought constant attention. In fact, all he needed was to be in the same room and/or sitting next to you to feel safe/loved. He was a very sweet guy and absolutely loved our family.

He was very easy to train. In fact, I’ve owned smaller dogs and he learned at a faster pace. House training was no problem, either. In a short-period of time, he knew that he could only do his business outside.

My dog did drool a lot! It was hard to train him indoors because at the sight of a treat, he would foam at the mouth with excitement. He never bit my hand or forcefully tried to take treats for me. Since he was a puppy, he always waited until treats were given to him.

As a short-haired dog, he did not need to get groomed at the shop, but you should still comb him every now and then. Short-haired dogs tend to shed! He shed the most during winter.

The way to my dog’s heart was surely his stomach! My dog definitely had quite an appetite. We usually had to regulate the amount of food he ate and at one point, we had to put him on a diet because he kept eating my other dog’s food.

My dog snored, too! It was actually quite cute when he had a dream because sometimes he would have subtle running movements. Sometimes he would sleep on his back. The vet told us that it was because he felt very safe.

He was good with my Jack Russell Terrier mix, who was significantly smaller than him.

Overall, I think he would be a wonderful asset to any family. He was very good with young kids, elderly, and relatives. If you are looking for a security dog, this isn’t the dog for you. If you want the perfect family dog, I would say this breed is it!

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