American Pit Bull Terrier / Labrador Retriever Mix

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Sissy, the lab/pit bull mix


United States

Posted April 10, 2015

Sissy was a wonderful dog. Other than the fact that she was 100+ pounds and thought she was a lap dog. She was a rescue from a person who was going to fight her. She was very energetic and loved everyone she would meet. She was a lot like my second dog and would lay around as she got older. She loved to lay next to me. I was pregnant with my son and she would lay against my stomach and get in kicking matches with my son. Once he was born, they were inseparable. My son would pull on her ear or tail and jump on her back. She would flip around quickly and look him in the eyes and start licking him until he stopped. She never once growled or snapped at him. I know that pit bulls get a bad rep but it's all about how they are raised. She was in a loving home, so she was lovable. A little to lovable at times. I had to eventually find her a loving home because I psychically couldn't keep up with her. She would jump on anyone who came around. With my bad back, I couldn't handle it. It seemed like she was always suck in puppy mode. That is honestly the only bad thing I can say about her. She was lovable and protective. I did hate re-homing her. I knew it was for the best, she needed more than what i could giver her.

*Note: This isn't an actual picture of her. It does look exactly like her though.

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