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Logan proved pit bull stereotypes wrong!


Fernley, Nevada, United States

Posted March 7, 2015

We adopted Logan as a baby. Everyone told us we would have issues with a pit bull, but he was actually the easiest dog to train and the most loyal. We crate trained him soon after we got him as we lived in an apartment. Two months after we adopted him we moved to a house. He loved being outside and basking in the sun. He quickly learned to sit, stay, heel, and lay down. After he was about a year old, he had learned to not eat food until we told him he could. To prove it, we both left plates of food on the couch returned about five minutes later. He was salivating, but he sat in the same place he was when we left the room. He was extremely obedient.
He got along great with the rest of our dogs, but always saw himself as the favorite. He typically destroyed toys before any of the other dogs could use them including tennis balls and kongs. Any toy deemed indestructible by pet stores was destroyed by Logan.
When he was nine years old, he developed a gum disease where he would chew on the inside of his mouth. His entire life he had flaky skin which our vet diagnosed as allergies and provided us with antihistamine cream. Logan became more lethargic and wasn't as active, but the veterinarian couldn't give us any reason why. Logan just became sicker and sicker. He would whine a lot, and we didn't know why. When we finally went to a different veterinarian, we discovered he had hypothyroidism, and because it was left untreated, it now affected his kidneys and liver. Logan was now in renal failure, so all we could do was keep him comfortable until he passed.
I would highly recommend reading up on symptoms of dog diseases for certain breeds of dogs before adopting them. We loved our pets, and they received the best of care from us, but we didn't understand the various issues that could plague dogs. We were so focused on the dog's temperament and showing others that our pit bull was not the aggressive bully breed that everyone thought he was, that we didn't consider any health issues that might be common with a dog his size and breed.
Aside from his temperament and training, we have no knowledge of how Logan might have acted with small children or with smaller animals as we had neither during the time we had Logan.

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