American Pit Bull Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier Mix

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Sidney, New York, United States

Posted May 26, 2009

We've owned Smigeon for about 6 years. She was almost sent with two "Red Necks" for their hunting sprees - where she would have been poorly taken care of and most likely abused for her fear of Gun Shots. She's good with kids, but she's ROUGH. She's had horrible experiences with children [throwing rocks, hitting with sticks, smacking, etc.]; but she hasn't even growled at a kid. She's been known to knock some smaller kids over [she's about 40lbs] while trying to play, or while trying to walk around them - but she's never been violent at all. She has that "family pet" aura; where she'll sit on the back of the couch barking out the window at dogs walking by; but the second she gets up to them she wags her tail excitedly and gets ready to play.
She loves elderly people. She didn't grow up around them, and she's never really been socialized with them all that much - but she'll go on car rides with us and she attracts older people like kids with candy! She really loves elderly. I wouldn't put it past her to choose any of the ones she meets on walks and ride over us! Not really - but it got the point across.
I don't know whether it's from her APBT side, or the JRT side [could easily be both] - but she does NOT do good with small animals. I've seen a few other APBTs that act the same way with rodents, so this would help any prospective owners. Like all dogs, they need to be socialized with small animals at a young age. Cats on the other hand - she doesn't look twice at. Doesn't even look once at, actually. But mice, rats, squirrels, birds, snakes - she's attacked and has killed numerous amounts of them.
Amazing dog, though.

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