American Pit Bull Terrier / Doberman Pinscher Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Female

Training: Previous owner, I haven't learned care / training techniques, Attended conferences / shows, Books

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Great Pets, just not a starter dog.


Ohio, United States

Posted October 3, 2010

I volunteer at a local shelter and foster pit bulls in my home. As of right now, I own one, have one foster, and have another foster previously. At the shelter I have worked with many pits and find that even in that in environment, they are still stable-tempered and sweet. I rated them good for children over the age of 8 simply because they are powerful dogs with a lot of energy and a truly dangerous tail. I have had my girls around my friend's 2 year-old and they were great with him, very gentle. He's fallen on them, pulled things that he knows not to pull, and displayed all kinda of behavior that could be seen as threatening, and they've never so much as growled. When they get sick of it, they just walk away. I did rate pits a little low on the friendliness toward strange dogs simply because there are still dog aggressive/dog selective tendencies seen in some dogs. As far as guard dogs, I know my girls would protect me if I was threatened, and they have before, but if someone were to break in to my house, I'm sure they'd be licked to death by two big girls certain the intruder was there simply to play with them. Pits are wonderful dogs, but due to their power, tenacity, intelligence, and the potential problems (such as dog aggression) they are not a good dog for a first time owner. A pit bull owner should have experience training a dog without using aggressive methods as this can make a perfectly nice dog aggressive. They are very sweet and people-motivated, so your approval is really all that is needed. I have fallen in love with this breed, and will always have one.

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