American Pit Bull Terrier / Dalmatian Mix

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Posted June 27, 2017

Most important: THIS DOG NEEDS LOTS OF ATTENTION, PLAYTIME, AND EXERECISE! If you like to be lazy and want a couch friend I very much suggest you look at different breeds.

We found Percy abandoned in a box about 8 weeks old, we originally thought he was a full blood Pit Bull as there are a lot in our area of Atlanta. But then as he got older he was rather small for a pit and then sprouted spots! After a DNA test at the vet we found out our fur baby is half Dalmatian half pit. He is the most loyal and smartest dog I have ever owned (rotwhiler, cocker spaniel, golden and mutt Mom here).

He was potty trained and crate trained within the week we brought him home (although now we almost never crate him because he is such a good boy home alone). Best tricks; stay, and come here and directions like lets go inside, or outside. He is so quick to learn even later as we continue to teach him new tricks! In fact I would say learning new tricks is one of his favorite things! He is a bit stubborn and if you mention you will take him to the park you better do it! He, like most other dogs, needs a firm consistent training. If you cave on something he will remember and try again and again. He responds much better to praise than treats. He did not train easily on our invisible fence with a shock collar until we gave up on the step by step manual included and just put the collar on him and let him learn for himself. This for some reason worked very well and he is trained to stay in the yard now even without the shock collar. He has a remarkable memory for a dog and easily adapts to a new routine for trips and learns new situations with remarkable quickness. He dose great on our cross country trips up to Michigan.

He is VERY PLAYFULL and attention seeking. Simple walks and fetch wont do for this pup! Luckily we are very active, with a nice large yard and have a dog park we frequent right down the street. He is VERY intelligent, meaning he gets bored easily and will let us know by whining and begging for attention. He is also very expressive as you can see from the photos, he does not like phones as they distract his humans. He is NOT a happy dog if it's raining and we are being lazy. He is a very good guard dog, although we trained him for this specifically as we don't live in the best neighborhood and my husband works nights. We have trained him to be wary of new comers to the home until we shake hands with said new comer, which then he will turn from barking into kisses and playtime. This is an instant reaction he seemed to have instinctively and he learned it so fast, he picks up on my emotions and tone of voice like no dog I have ever had. If I or my husband like you, he will. If one of us doesn't you want to stay away.

Example; we have a neighborhood watchman who likes to "patrol", he has been afraid of Percy since he was a tiny little puppy. My husband does NOT like him, but I don't have a problem with him, he means well and is always helpful. Percy will bark and bark at him when he comes to talk to me in the yard like everyone else but after we shake hands he will sit next to me paws on my feet with a low growl every now and then. Every other neighbor that comes to say hi gets kisses, a wagging tail followed by the play bow with a stick at their feet as soon as we shake hands. The guys that trim our trees he especially loves and stays in the yard with them without me.

He is just great with kids he thinks all kids will want to love him and play with him, so I am not sure if a child tried to break in that he would mind at all! I have 2 young cousins that just adore him and he is very gentle with them, more gentle and attentive than he is with me! He sticks to me like glue or my husband if I'm not around, he can't stand to be very far away from me and does great with off the leash roaming at our family farm in MI. As a puppy he did have a bit of separation anxiety (I'm sure from being left in a cardboard box alone to starve), but he has grown out of that, as long as you tell him "I'll be back"!

I will say the only con about this un-yielding loyalty so far is that he get jealous very easily- he does NOT like me to pet or pay attention to other dogs or even sometimes humans. He will even head but his way between me and my husband during hugs sometimes. He plays great with other dogs and is very submissive, but recently if I decide to play with the other dogs at the dog park he will growl a little and stop playing to sit/stand next to me. Not sure where this is coming from as it is a new reaction and we are taking precautions. Other than that we think once he passes on we will get another pit/Dalmatian mix because he is so much fun and so curious and smart!

New/ exciting/difficult games like Percy in the middle
Squeaker toys
dog parks
bug hunting
protecting the house/yard

old/easy/boring games like fetch
staying indoors too long
dry or hard kibble
his mom and dad not being in the same room with each other and him

Commands he follows;
Come here
Lay Down
Go Inside/ or get inside the fence
Get the toy (enter specific one)
Go on or enough to signal end of play time
Bath time (will get in the tub)
Go to the end of the bed
Get down
Go to (enter person he knows well)
Want to get the mail? Will go to mail box and wait
Are you hungry (with either sit where he is for no, or go to his food container and sit for yes)

My favorite "command": if a person is passing by on a walk he'd like to approach he looks at me and waits for either, do you want to make a friend? or no, not now.

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