American Pit Bull Terrier / Dachshund Mix

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The World's Biggest (and Sweetest) Baby


Cortland, New York, United States

Posted October 1, 2016

The first thing people notice about Link is his height: he's very short and very long with the head of a pitbull. Despite his short stature, he's strong. I'm not weak by any means, however if not careful while hiking with him it's not hard for him to nearly make me fall over. With that being said, he's genuinely well behaved unless there's something (a squirell, a cat, a really tasty looking bee) that he wants to go after, and I never even had to give him any formal obedience training.

This may partially be because he became very attached to me as soon as I got him. The first time I took him outside with me he cowered behind me and started whining when he heard birds chirp, then pawed at the door to go back inside. Despite his terrified-of-the-world behavior he adapted immediately to living with me and took to using puppy pads almost immediately, and eas house broken soon after that. This boy is seriously so smart, it blows my mind sometimes. He learned "shake" within a few minutes when he was only a few months old.

He's totally protective while also being a scardy cat. He'd never bite anyone but if I say "ow" he'll come running, all barks and growls. He's very protective of children, also. Trying to scold my nephews when bad is hard because as soon as I raise my voice at one of them he'll jump between me and them- the traitor!

In summary, my experience with this breed has been that Link is loving, sweet, smart, and the best cuddler in the entire world.

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