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Marty the Husky mix


United States

Posted August 1, 2016

I adopted Marty from someone on a Facebook group, early in 2013. He was an energetic, but not hyper boy. His bright blue were full of life, his black and silver coat shiny, well groomed and absolutely gorgeous. Not only was he the most beautiful dog I've ever owned (so far) he was also the biggest. His mixing of Siberian Husky/Mastiff made him quite the sight. He could barely fit in the back seat of my 4 door sedan. Side note, he made an excellent car dog, just laid there passively until the car stopped.
One thing of note about Marty was his absolutely stunning intelligence. He could figure out anything, get into anything, and always seemed to be finding new ways to get in trouble, though he never got destructive. He would open cabinets and scatter pots across the kitchen, get into the towels in the bathroom and make himself a nest, pull the cushions off the chairs and couch in the living room and lay on them. His creativity for chaos was abundant, and impressive.
Like most dogs, Marty's favorite time of day was walk-time. He behaved so well on his leash, never once tugged or pulled (except that time a possum ran across his feet, but he just hated possums for some reason.) and even when someone else walking their dog came by, he would just get all excited and try to get the other dog to play with him, even if it was a 3 inch tall chihuahua. He made no judgments.
Marty was one of those dogs who, despite being the same bulk as a fully grown grizzly bear, wanted nothing more than to be a cuddly little lap dog. We eventually made a compromise, he put his head and paws in my lap, and I got to keep breathing.
My relationship with this dog was something special, he always seemed to know when I was upset, when I needed him. He loved my friends, hated my enemies and was politely cautious about extended family. This dog was probably more intelligent than half the people I've met. I wouldn't put it past him to have fully understood me when I talked to him.
Our friendship was unfortunately cut short when he was stolen one night after escaping through the front door. He had learned out to unlock and open the storm door, and someone took him. Removed his collar and everything. I still miss him, and hope to have an other Husky one day.

The downsides to Marty were few, but pretty frustrating. The stereotype of Huskies howling all night long were pretty accurate with him, but once I put him in his crate to sleep he made little noise. His coat was incredibly thick and lush, he required nearly constant brushing or he'd shed all over the house, leaving little specks of black and silver hairs on everything. And of course, the aforementioned lapdog fantasies.

All in all, this dog was a blessing in my life and I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who feels they could handle a high energy, demanding pup like this to hit up a shelter and find yourself a husky. They're worth every potential headache.

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