American Pit Bull Terrier / Bulldog Mix

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Pitbull/ English Bulldog Mix


United States

Posted September 25, 2015

Hello! I'm doing a review of my dog, Abby. My family rescued her from a local bulldog rescue, and we absolutely adore her! We are pretty sure she is also part pitbull, as she looks like a mix of both. Before she was rescued she was a bait dog for pitbull fights, meaning that she was used for training the fighting dogs, and therefore had terrible wounds on her neck. The entire right side of her face and neck was a huge mass of scar tissue and open wounds from being attacked. Still, she stayed the sweetest dog. When we first got Abby, she was extremely shy. When someone went to pet her, she would roll over and sometimes even pee herself because she was scared. But every day her personality comes out more and more. She went from having separation anxiety (she would scratch herself till she bled if someone was gone for more than a few hours) to being completely comfortable alone (with the help of her other doggy friends who we got in the last two years). She went from not knowing how to play to chasing after toys like our other dogs, which is huge for her. And despite all she went through, she is the sweetest, most loyal, well behaved dog.

The important thing to realize with rescues is that many come with issues, but it's nothing a little love can't take care of. Don't be afraid of getting a rescue. There's nothing wrong with them, only with their previous owners. When going to a rescue, it's important to analyze your lifestyle, and find a dog that fits in with you. Also, don't be afraid of pitbulls! While my Abby is probably more bulldog, pitbulls are the most understood breed but are so resilient and kind!

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