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Bailey (Frog Dog)


United States

Posted August 3, 2015

Bailey was the first dog my husband and I ever adopted. At first I had a prejudice against pitt bulls...who doesn't anymore, right? I wanted the fluffy brown collie mix, but in the end we brought home the chubby little brindle that the husband wanted.

I learned fast that they love to chew anything from stuffed animals and shoes to wires and cell phones! After a few rawhides and a few trips to the dollar store for little stuffed bears she learned what she could and couldn't chew. They are such intelligent animals, but stubborn to boot. I've never had a problem teaching her obedience or new tricks. The only issue we ever ran into was that if she got out the front door she was gone for an adventure with or without you.

We took her everywhere with us because this is also a very hyper breed that requires a ton of socializing. After a few months of watching her interact with people and animals I realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her breed. As a matter of fact I absolutely fell in love with "bully" breeds after that. She has never even barked or growled at a stranger or another dog when we go out. That doesn't mean that she doesn't let you know when someone is at the front door! Or when the ghost dog (her reflection) shows up in the TV at night time. She was raised right along with my kids and I have no concerns with their safety. Even when they play dress-up with her.

If you have patience and plenty of time for exercise and socializing then you can't go wrong with these dogs!

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