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Missy: My Gentle Giant


United States

Posted May 11, 2015

Pitbulls have a bad reputation as these vicious monsters who will attack completely unprovoked, but I am here to tell you that with the right amount of dedication, training, and discipline Pitbulls make wonderful companions. My dog, Missy, is a Pitbull-Boxer mix, but she's predominately Pitbull. Missy is a gentle giant who loves kisses, cuddling, car rides, and walks, but she has an excessive amount of energy, at times, which results in a couple of problems. First of all, she is so full of energy sometimes that she charges at people. When she runs full-force at an adult, it's not a big deal, but in the case of my five year old daughter, she could be hurt. Another problem associated with Missy's high energy is that she plays too rough, at times. While she doesn't intentionally hurt anyone, she runs too fast, jumps too high, and occasionally nibbles on fingers when playing with toys. On the other hand, since she has periods of non-stop activity, she sleeps like a rock. Another plus of owning a Pitbull is that they are very protective. Missy has never attacked anyone, but when strangers are approaching my home she barks, warning me of possible danger. As far as maintenance is concerned, Pitbulls are fairly average. Missy has a short, sleek coat, but, surprisingly, she sheds quite a bit. In order to combat the shedding, Missy requires a bath biweekly or, at least, monthly. Because of her short coat,she often gets cold and I was required to purchase a sweater for her during the winter time. Overall, I am extremely happy that I followed my heart instead of the misconceptions of the media. Missy has proven to be an intelligent, caring, and loyal addition to my family.
Pros: Average maintenance, loyal, protective
Cons: Sheds, excessive energy, requires a lot of dedication towards training and discipline, gets cold very easily.

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