American Pit Bull Terrier / Boxer Mix

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Sabrina the Lovable Mutt


United States

Posted May 1, 2015

Now, I know there is a lot of stigma about pitbulls, even mixes, of any variety, but Sabrina is as nice as they come. She is very nice and lovable and is great with people once she gets to know them. Despite most people believing pitbulls are very aggressive she is actually quite the scaredy cat. If she hears a loud noise shes off to hiding in the bathroom or one of the bedrooms.

She loves being outside and running around especially if you play fetch with anything that you can throw really. Very energetic but once play time is over she is more then happy to lounge on the couch. Attached to the family but enjoys her free time alone just as much. Not good with any other animals, seems to shy away from other dogs instead of socializing except for the other dogs we have.

She is very quiet though and doesn't raise much of a ruckus unless one of our other dogs starts to bark or she feels uncomfortable around someone or something. All in all shes a great dog and doesn't carry the stigma her majority breed has been assigned. Just need a little extra attention around other animals and a slow introduction to new people until she warms up to them. Despite the flaws she has, she is a great dog and loves everyone in the family just as much as we love her.

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