American Pit Bull Terrier / Boxer Mix

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My experience with a american pitbull terrier mixed with a boxer.


United States

Posted March 17, 2015

I have been raised alongside this dog nearly my entire life. My parents had gotten this dog when I was around a year old and she was only about a year old also. Never in my life has she ever been dangerous or angry toward me. She has been raised in a nice household that treats pets as well as humans. We are a small family with lots of love so we put the love into animals. Our pets are extensions to the family. She rarely fights with any of the other animals. When we got our cat a few years back he was still very small. We slowly got him used to be bigger animals so he would be safer. Soon we allowed him to wander the house and get used to the animals, and Sandy, as a previous mother of fourteen puppies, started licking the cat gently clean. This breed is very gentle if you raise it properly but also is a great guard dog type. This dog, as much of all dogs, loves attention. She is family safe and amazing with children. This dog has never hurt anybody that wasn't doing something to hurt her, which no one has ever harmed or will ever do any harm to this beloved pet. I entirely recommended getting a dog like this. I have never experienced this type of dog not raised alongside children or a dog like this from a bad environment so just to be cautious, I would be careful if the new dog is around any young children.

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