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Boxer / Pit Bull Mix?


United States

Posted January 22, 2015

When our daughter was in high school, we bought her a black Boxer pup. At least that’s what we thought Marlie was. We bought Marlee from a gentleman that claimed to be a professional breeder but in hindsight I think he was just a hobby breeder. At any rate, Marlee turned out, not to be a purebred Boxer but, a Boxer/Pit Bull mix. However, Marlee proved to be an excellent pet for our daughter.

When our daughter went off to college, Marlie stayed with us. At that time, my mother was living with us and she and Marlie became very attached to each other. After our daughter graduated from college and got married, she wanted to take Marlie with her. We convinced our daughter that it would be better to leave Marlie with us because she had become so attached to my mother. In exchange, we bought our daughter a purebred Boxer.

Marlie was an excellent guard dog and would bark at anyone who came near the house. As a matter of fact, one of the things we always joked about was that she would “put the fear the Lord” in anyone that came near. She was jet black except for little white around her jaws and chest. Her eyes were jet black as well. She looked incredibly mean and I believe that is why just about everyone that did not know her was afraid of her. Actually, she was probably the most lovable dog that my wife and I ever had.

As far as recommending a dog such as Marlie, that is difficult for me as I don’t know exactly how much Boxer and how much Pit Bull she had in her. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know 100% sure that she was a Boxer/Pit Bull mix as I never had the opportunity to see both parents. The photo attached of Marlie is in her later years. She was about thirteen years old when this picture was taken so she doesn’t look quite as spry as she was in her prime.

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