American Pit Bull Terrier / Boxer Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Female

Training: Books

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Arie the Gentle Giant


United States

Posted January 15, 2015

Arie was the only puppy in the rescue center that didn’t have anyone look at her. She was underweight and sat watching everyone walk by and she captured my heart right away. As I went to pet and play with her in the kennel she would bring me a toy but I couldn’t reach, when she identified that I couldn’t take it from her, she quickly realized she had to bring it to me.
Arie is a sincere joy, her personality wins over everybody with her playful, jubilant attitude. Even our mailman wants her. We believe she is a red-nosed mixed with boxer with her adorable under bite. She loves riding in the car, despite her having numerous car sickness accidents with both throwing up and defecation, but thankfully the last few times she has been good. We call it sea-legs. She is very responsive to other dogs and has had a female companion since she came home and recently got a puppy male companion as well.
Arie always asks to go out, will eat anything and constantly amuses herself. She is goofy and playful, intelligent and caring and loves watching out the window though rare for her to bark. The weather doesn't bother her and she loves walks but needs lots of exercise. She will improvise though with laps around the yard and a lump from couch to chair on rainy days.
She has lazy days also and is slow to waken. She loves water, eating ice cubes and chews constantly but only on her appointed toys. Kong toys are great for her active teeth and she is a perfect dog for our family, loving all family members equally (but sometimes being partial to the one who has food). She is cuddly, lovable, loyal, food driven (easy to train) and obedient.
-Generally active, but not overly hyper
-Friendly, but attentive, not super lax or guarding
-Loves toys, but is not toy aggressive
-Listens well to commands and is easily trained
-Adjusts to new situations with ease, loves exploring new places
-Knows how to sit, stay, shake, high five (at times), lay down, cage
-Housebroken and allowed to leave out when gone
- Handles baths with ease, loves to swim
- Coat is low maintenance
-Does great in the car, at vet and with toenail clippings
- Easily hurt, but quick to recover with praise
- Very loyal and eager to please

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