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For my beloved Kadee, who was better than me,


HICKORY, North Carolina, United States

Posted December 16, 2014

In the end, Kadee was a Good Dog. She was always a Good Dog. Highly intelligent, I swear that dog knew at least 500 words of English. She knew breakfast and dinner and outside and treat and mommy and vet and park and run and crate and I'll be back soon and a host of others. She was my best friend for 9 years. She died in my arms one December day back in 2009. she had been fighting liver disease for several years.

I went through a lot of hard things a few years ago. Lost a house, lost a job, lost a wife. Then my dog died. That's the only one I still cry about from time to time. If there is a Heaven I will be greeted by Kadee, because I'm sure she's up there.

Kadee was a rescue dog that my wife and I acquired shortly after we were married. she was terrified, I remember. The first thing she did when she got inside my apartment was take a huge pee and a massive dump on the floor. It was nerves. She had been abused. She never did that again, except when she got sick. Then the pee had blood in it and I remember that she looked so embarrassed when I had to clean it up. There she was, dying, and all she was worried about was that her buddy (me) had to clean up her stool. She was such a good dog.

She was a pit/boxer mix, maybe half and half, with a beautiful face, smart eyes, and brindle coloring. Her given name was Babycakes, but I thought that was stupid, so I named her Kadee. Her nickname was rat dog, because reasons. She was the kind of dog who won year hopped up on the dinner table and downed half a turkey before we got wise. She loved eating cat poop. She loved trash. When I would challenge her on those behaviors, she always gave me that look. that look that says I really want to Dad. i'm a dog. She was such a sweetie.

I lived in a boarding school with Kadee, and she would roam the halls at night, stopping in to check on the girls and get the attention she so loved. One time, she got loose and interrupted a marine camp PT exercise, but she was so cool the Gunny Sgt didn't seem to mind. she just sat there, watching the cadets do squats. the marines loved her. Everyone loved Kadee.

I did not trust her around small children, because Kadee was an anxious dog and overly concerned with roles. I was clearly the alpha, but little kids confused her, so we just made sure she did not interact with them. she got along real well with my wife;s cats, which was saying something. Those cats were jerks.

Pit/Boxers have a reputation for being mean, but that is totally unfounded. Kadee was sweet and gentle. she barked like a guard dog should, but she was not aggressive at all and I frequently ignored leash laws because she was so well behaved. she also loved car rides. That dog would sit in my car all day if i let her. When we drove, I'd roll the window down and she would stick her whole body out. I think she thought she was flying.

She nursed me through a divorce, but that damn liver of hers kept getting worse. She died right before the vet was going to euthanize her. It's like she wanted to die with me than alone. I don't blame her. Who wants to die alone?

If you have the opportunity to get a rescue, do it. If you have the opportunity to adopt a boxer/pit, you will be amazed at what an awesome companion they can be. Don;t believe that they are any more dangerous than any other dogs. They are only as bad as the people who train them. Kadee was a Good Dog. The best.

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