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My bull boxer rescue: what to look for and what to enjoy


United States

Posted December 16, 2014

I received my sweet little Jonas about 1 year ago. He was probably on his way to a shelter when I said I would take him. Previously owned by a woman with 4 children from ages 5-14, here were some of the issues that lead him to needing to be re-homed:
- high energy
- lack of house training
- clingy

Well I found all of those to be VERY true. This little bull boxer is definitely in need of a lot of attention. I have trained him to learn to give space as needed, while making sure that it is after he has received some sort of acknowledgement (though hugs, kisses, treats, or toys) that he is not a bad dog. I find that this is the best way to self soothe him.

He also walked into a home with my other mix (a rotty/pit). She is the dominant. He is the submissive. This is VERY important to make sure of when you are considering introducing an additional dog.

He is easy to clean, and smart to train- although very stubborn. But his eagerness to please and get attention is a great reward based system for him. He comes when called and is one of the best guard dogs I have had. He is great at listening when it is time to "heel." Also, his "clinginess" can be a joy on those bad days when you needs some unconditional luvins and is a great running partner. VERY playful

-good for kids, but just watch the jumping and nipping
-Wonderful watch dog
-needs lots of attention
-Consistency in house training this animal is a MUST
-easy going, unless in "protection mode."

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