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Forget diamonds, Pit Bulls are a girl's best friend


United States

Posted March 28, 2014

It can be very difficult to describe your best friend. What can you say about an animal that has offered your unquestioning loyalty, love and friendship for over 11 years?
I got Dixie when she was 6 weeks old from a flea market. Her mother was a full blood pit bull, and her father was half pit and half Australian shepard. She was the cutest puppy ever. She had blue eyes and a adorable pink nose. As she grew, one eye turned brown and her nose turned black , but she still is one of the best looking dogs I've ever seen.
Dixie was certainly a handful as a pup. It took us a full year to get her completely house trained (luckily we had a fenced in back yard!). I often joke that she is the dumbest dog ever (I have seen her walk into walls), but what she lacks in training ability and intelligence, she makes up for in heart. She is a 78 lb baby that thinks she can fit completely in your lap. She loves to be petted, and she loves to lick.
Dixie was 3 years old when my first child was born. I took a lot of flack from family members for having a pit bull in the house with my baby, but I knew from their first meeting that Dixie would never hurt my son. I brought him home and allowed Dixie to smell him, and immediately she wrapped that long bully tongue around his head. From that day on, in Dixie's eyes, that was her puppy. If someone held the baby that she did not know, she would stand at their feet and lightly growl. She never let that baby out of her sight. My son is now 9, and he has a sister who is 6, and Dixie has kindheartedly accepted being dressed as a princess, being rode like a horse, and slept on like a pillow. She is such a huge part of my family, that I do not know how we will ever move on once the inevitable comes.
I believe that pit bulls get such a bad reputation because of the circumstances they are raised in. Dixie is my third pit, and I know from experience how loyal these dogs are. That is what makes them dangerous in the wrong hands. They are powerful, and will follow the command of their owner without thought to their own well being. But in the right hands, they are the best family pet one can have. I wouldn't trade mine for the world.

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