American Pit Bull Terrier / Australian Bulldog Mix

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United States

Posted June 29, 2015

My boxer-beagle Cheyenne was by far one of the best dogs I've ever had the pleasure of owning.
My mother adopted her after she was pounded by animal control along with some others due to our neighbors' negligence - she'd fallen in love with their dogs and couldn't bare the thought of letting our local pound (who unfortunately kills more than they adopt) harm them.

Cheyenne was a bit odd-looking, as she had a Beagle-sized head with a Boxer body, but she was still beautiful. She was well-behaved, gentle, and loving, right away. She didn't require any training aside from house-training, as she had previously been a strictly-outdoors dog.
She never bothered the other animals in the house (cats or dogs) and got along with everyone perfectly. She loved to run and play, but was also content to just cuddle on the couch. She was quiet mostly - she usually didn't bark much unless she was happy to see the humans of the household.

Cheyenne wasn't the best guard dog in the world; she would just lick strangers to death before she ever even considered biting them. She would bark to alert the house of any strangers who weren't approaching the house by the side of one of her humans, though.

Of course the notorious "boxer farts" did come in to play a few times, but overall, she was truly a remarkable dog and I couldn't be more pleased to have shared the years I did with her.
Unfortunately, she passed away and I don't have any photos of her, but she did look remarkably like the photo I've attached.

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