American Foxhound

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Male

Training: Obedience

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Moody, difficult and distractable but I couldn't ask for a better companion


Marietta, Georgia, United States

Posted March 7, 2017

I adopted Hundi at about a year old, by which time he had already had 7 homes, but he found a forever home with me. He is a typical hound, he is very lazy, likes his own space and is incredibly loyal. As a breed he has awful recall and if you are looking for a dog you can walk off the leash - then this is not a breed for you. However, if you need to know when there is someone within 500m of your home, need something sniffing out or someone to share the couch with, this is a great breed.
What I love about the Foxhounds
- He is loyal and loving
- safe around children
- very few health problems apart from some minor ear issues
- Great guard dog
What I dislike about the breed
- I cannot walk him off the leash and I would love to let him roam more often
- He howls in reaction to most noises/movements/wind etc.
- He is moody - he will tell you when he is unhappy with you. If you don't feed him on time, he will turn over his water bowl, if you don't give him treats, he will open a cupboard and take them himself and if you kennel him, he will refuse to interact with you when you pick him up, until he feels he has punished you enough.
I would not recommend a foxhound as a first time dog, they have some behaviours which make them challenging. However they are a rewarding breed for the right owner!

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