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Massachusetts, United States

Posted July 26, 2014

Champ was an excellent dog – very loving and playful, easy to train, and polite around guests and strangers. The beagle that we currently own, Ranger, reminds me a lot of our old foxhound – especially with the need for long walks and plenty of quality “sniffing time.” Champ was a lot more noisy than Ranger is, however: he had a much louder woof and was a bit more aggressive with children. Our family has very fond memories of Champ, and we recommend the breed to our friends who are thinking about getting dogs.

I would not recommend a dog like Champ to owners who are too busy to dedicate about an hour of outside walking or play to their dog each day. When we went for walks, he appreciated when they were not rushed. We would enjoy a stroll at a leisurely pace, which seemed to help keep him healthy enough to live a long and happy life. He also was excellent at playing fetch, and would often chase bunnies in our backyard. He was too much of a sweetheart, however, to actually catch or hurt a bunny.

One thing I remember about our dear Champ is that he was very afraid of thunderstorms, and other similar loud noises like construction, loud airplanes and helicopters, and fireworks. He had a habit of running into the bathroom – the most centrally located room in our home – and nestling in the bathtub until the storms (or similar noises) ceased. Recently, I’ve seen “doggie thunder jackets” being sold online that keep dogs calm during storms by wrapping them in a comfortable, weighted vest. I wish we had something like this when we had Champ – but I also wonder if he would have even let us put it on him in the first place. He had so much personality, I bet that he wouldn’t have even stood for it!

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