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The Hound Howl


Massachusetts, United States

Posted April 17, 2015

Luke the coonhound was a beautiful dog that lived with me for a short time. He was simply stunning with long legs that were growing too fast for his body.

He specifically had a lot of anxiety so his issues may not pertain to the breed as a whole. However, his howl was the most eardrum-piercing sound I could have imagined which comes from his genes and is not individual to him alone. It could be heard from outside. A lot of hound-type dogs have a similar howl. I would not recommend his breed for apartment or duplex living.

He is the type of dog who needed a lot of acreage and attention. He was difficult to house and crate train.

He was young though and if you overlooked his severe anxiety, he was an extremely good-natured dog. I would trust him around any human of any age. He was calm and gentle and played well with other dogs of multiple sizes. He was curious and bright. He truly was a sincerely sweet dog.

If he was right with me he was great, it was only when I had to leave him alone for even a minute that he would begin to panic. He needed extensive behavioral modification and perhaps even medication.

If you are someone who desires a constant companion and walking partner, an anxious yet sweet dog who needs a little extra energy and time could still work for you. Lots of running space and mind exercises to keep him occupied are a must. If separation anxiety issues are a deal breaker, it is important to ask how a dog does when separated, whether you are getting the dog from a rescue or a breeder.

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