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Ontario, Canada

Posted April 9, 2014

My parents bought my sister this dog when she was pretty young. I guess we were kind of hoping that it would be as well mannered as our Shetland Sheepdog, but this Miniature American Eskimo was much more than we expected.

The parents bought her because their friend told them that they were quick to learn and were considered 'trick dogs'. Well, we quickly figured out that Snowy was a sharp one, but very stubborn. She knows the simple commands, but really only likes to do them on her own dime.

We found that when walking her, she tends to pull on the leash, even after training, and because they can have respiratory problems, she often hacks like something is in her throat. She likes to eat garbage, and specifically underwear that have been left on the floor or tissues. Not only that, but she has figured out how to open all the garbage cans, and cupboards when we are not in the house. You always know when she has done something wrong when you find her in bed looking up guilty and wagging her tail. Now, she has gotten lazy in her old age and refuses to wait when she has to pee. Sometimes, it's because she doesn't want to deal with the winter bite or sometimes because it's raining. She is a chicken.

Aside from being a handful, she is super friendly towards those she trust. She is excited to see us when we come home and can get vocal about it. Just don't expect her to fraternize with other dogs, she would sooner jump in your arms.

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