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Posted August 6, 2018

Cloud was adopted by my fiance and his family as a stray wondering around by their yard. When I went to live with my fiance, I had the pleasure of living with this cute little rascal. He had already known a few tricks so it was easy teaching him more. He was a pretty fast learner, although stubborn at times. He would bark a lot, but it kinda depended on the situation, like if a stranger came inside the house he'd go off for a while. Probably kinda due to the fact that he is already a bit anxious and shy. But in public, he's fairly quiet. Cloud can be protective too. Once my sister's boyfriend grabbed her and lifted her up in the air and Cloud ran over and nipped at the boyfriend until he put my sister down. Once we were shooting fireworks in my fiance's yard and Cloud charged at and tried to attack them. Luckily my fiance grabbed his leash on time!! He barks at the stray cats and once my fiance brought one in the house and Cloud cornered it under the bed. I think with time Cloud would've gotten used to it but my fiance let the stray go that day. As with little kids, it highly depends on the child. If the kid is too hyper Cloud can get aggressive, and if the child is deemed boring, Cloud would mind his own business. So overall, he can be touchy so I'd say supervision for sure. He's got lots of energy!! Indoors and outdoors. It comes in bursts. Overall if you're a person who's willing to dedicate the time and money to train (I recommend professionally) and socialize this breed, you're all set to go. Their fur tends to mat up and tangle easily too, so grooming everyday is a must. If it gets too bad, you'll have to go to a professional groomer. Cloud is extremely family oriented. He will follow his people from room to room, floor to floor. My fiance and I tried taking him everywhere with us, even on short errands. So if you are a person that will want your dog to constantly be around you, and you fit all the criteria already listed above, an Eskie would be right for you.

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