American Eskimo Dog

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The American Eskimo


Ontario, Canada

Posted May 12, 2015

I had a male American Eskimo not so long ago (he passed away recently) - although in spirit, he is very much alive. He was the most energetic member of my family: he was always excited to see us, he gets extremely excited for walks, and he loves to run around and be chased. He also enjoys playing in fresh snow and his furry coat keeps him nice and warm for sub degree temperatures - to a certain point. In spite of having plenty of fur (and he does shed often), he is not an outdoor dog. He needs lots of companionship, as he is very outgoing and social.

He is an intelligent breed who knows his way eating inside any container (such as a cookie jar). If he does not get enough exercise, he may find a way to sneak out for a short “vacation” but he’ll find his way back. He is also very vocal and at times it would seem like he is having a conversation with you. In addition, he expresses himself through body gestures. For instance, if he were caught committing a “crime”, he would either lift his paw for mercy or hunch his shoulders and ground himself (by going to the basement where we lock him up).

He is also well known for barking. He is a watchdog and he is always on the lookout for people or creatures trespassing our territory.

In short, the American Eskimo makes a wonderful companion and is definitely most suited for a social and active household.

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