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Angel, the American Eskimo


United States

Posted April 9, 2015

Angel always had a beautiful, fluffy white coat with a kind demeanor and a pep to her step like she was trying to show off wherever she went.
While she had to be groomed regularly, partly because she loved to dig up dirt and lay in it on hot days, she was always comfortable being washed, dried and brushed.
The first time Angel got out of the house without a leash she ran around the neighborhood until we could catch her. A few weeks later we had her trained to go straight into the back yard on her own without a leash.
Unfortunately, Angel did not take a liking to cats, going after them whenever she could. Fortunately, she was great with our Shiba Inu, a smaller dog breed. I was easily able to train her to behave around dogs she hadn't met yet while out for walks, for which she was leashed. Being on a leash was never an issue for her and after getting her used to those random dogs, she never pulled or rushed ahead.
Angel was great around people of any age and we were always comfortable with her being around babies and toddlers. She never jumped on or pushed anyone, although she would do what we'd call 'love bites' in which she'd gently put your wrist between her teeth and whine excitedly if you were away for a bit. We were taken aback by that the first few times, but obviously realized she was harmless.
Towards the end of her joyful life, Angel had an array of health problems including gingivitis (even though she regularly had dental treats, cataracts, hip dysplasia and diabetes.
Angel was happy and joyful until about her last month. My family decided to put her down when we felt she was in too much pain and her quality of life wasn't doing her justice.
If you're looking for a loving, social and loyal companion and are willing to groom your dog on a regular basis, an American Eskimo is the dog for you.

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