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My Little Buddy, Radar


United States

Posted November 21, 2013

Radar is quite the character.
We got him from a small-scale breeder on the other side of the state after I saw a classified for his litter. My mother drove four hours to get him while I was at school - I was so excited, I couldn't concentrate all day!
He's half Pomeranian, half Miniature American Eskimo, so he was tiny! I could hold him in one hand at six weeks. And, of course, he was fluffy.
He was pretty quick to learn, with only a few accidents here and there. Otherwise, he's really smart - sometimes too smart! He figures out how to get into - and out of - things when he really shouldn't.
I made some little PVC pipe hurdles to have him jump over when he was still scared to run away outside, but that stopped when he got brave and learned he could run. And boy, can he run!
My only real issue with my boy is his voice. He barks - a lot. When he's out on his run, when he gets excited, when he wants something. He quiets down when we tell him 'no bark', but he still likes to talk! And, as a Pom mix, he has a very high, shrill voice.
But, he's a big sweetheart. He cuddles with me to watch TV or when I take a nap, and he sleeps at night on my parent's bed. Definitely a bit feisty, but he's just a big dog trapped in a tiny body!

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