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My dog Neeko


Nova Scotia, Canada

Posted September 13, 2014

Neeko is an American Eskimo / Japanese Chin mix. With the Eskimo body and Chin colours I often get compliments and passerby’s confusing him for a Border Collie. He's a very loyal dog and it's clear that he's always looking out for the family. With the Eskimo being a herding dog, I'm not surprised.
The only problem is he's a stubborn dog. As he has grown up, despite being neutered, he still tests his limits from time to time. I don't like the idea of putting an animal “in their place” but Neeko has taught me that sometimes you just have to be the boss.
When he's not being a brat, he's one of the greatest pets I've ever had. he learned a number of tricks when he was young, even learning to say “mama”. That's not a trick we do often as he struggles even now to make the sounds, but I feel his ability to mimic showcases his level of intelligence.
One last point I love about this fur-ball is his walk. Despite having no formal training he naturally began walking like a show-dog. I've had owners ask me if I've placed him in any shows and they're always surprised when I explain that I haven't.
I definitely recommend the breed if you are okay with being the boss and don't mind vacuuming hair and brushing him every day.

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