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Quintus the Gladiator Dog



Posted August 16, 2013

Quintus was a great dog. While he was supposed to be a lap dog, he grew to be about the size of a cocker spaniel. He had TONS of Hair, and required a great deal of grooming. Despite all the regular grooming, he still left balls of hair all over the house.

Quintus was extremely friendly with adults, our cats, and moderately friendly with other dogs. He did not tolerate children AT ALL, however, and it was not safe for him to be near small children. He also took issue with older males.

Quintus was extremely affectionate and always wanted love and attention. He loved any type of interaction and was just as happy to sit on your lap or go out for a long jog. He was very well trained off leash, but was okay on the leash as well.

He was the easiest to train dog that I have ever had. He was completely house broken within two weeks of us bringing him home. We didn't need to get him an professional obedience classes because he just learned so quickly! Before he was one year old Qunitus knew "sit", "Lay down", "roll over", "die", "stay", and "off" (we used this command to put a treat somewhere he could reach it. he would stay "off" the treat until we told him to "take it").

He was very aware of strangers and what was going on around our yard, however he was too small to be much of a protector. He was quiet and didn't bark except when someone delivered something our door. He stopped barking once we answered the front door.

Quintus was an all around amazing dog. I would definitely recommend the an American Eskimo X to anyone that doesn't mind having a lot of hair around the house!

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