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My friend's American Bullies


California, United States

Posted January 29, 2015

Well these dogs have a terrible reputation. Why? Well because most American's are ignorant about the breed, and most people think that aggression comes from the dog and not from the owner training or lack of training. Well, I'm sorry to break it to you, but these are some of the best dogs I've had the honor to work with. They're a wonderfully robust breed.

My friend's American Bullies were loving, smart, loyal and very kind and sweet animals. They loved to play and run about, as well as cuddle and be loved on the couch. Like any other breeds, socialization is key, early socialization. They have been introduced to other animals and dogs, loved and cared for their whole lives, so being kind and loving isn't a big deal to them. They're meanest most aggressive attribute I saw was them tugging on the spring rope their mom had tied to the tree to get them to get some exercise in the yard. Otherwise, they're super laid back and great around just about anyone that wasn't presenting a threat to them.

On that topic, they don't have locking jaws, no dog does and this a myth. They have very strong jaws, not the strongest, but their muscle that controls the jaw is very strong compared to other breeds. This means they have excellent jaw grip which was demonstrated to me when my friend's female jumped on her muscular legs up to grab a tree branch where she continued to hold herself up with her jaw. I was amazed, that's incredibly strength, but frightened? No. Shea is a sweet sweet girl that just wants love, play and treats.

These dogs are incredible companions and are very loyal, and protective over their family when needed. When properly trained from a young age they are magnificent breed, and will do well in almost any environment.

Don't let society's outlook on them make you think otherwise. The only thing that makes these dogs aggressive is their owners. These dogs can be lovely additions to any household with the proper training and affection.

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