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North Carolina, United States

Posted October 21, 2014

My wife and I met little Sochi at the adorable age of 8 weeks and what an angel she was. Her heart-melting blue eyes peered up at me from her solid grey coat as she sat in the grass and leaned against the leg of the breeder. She’d obviously formed a bond with this guy over her short life span and I was about to remove her from the only home she’d ever known. What a tragedy for her young mind. But we knew what type of life she’d have with us. It’d be the happiest any dog could ask for. We pledged to give her all of the attention and love she deserved and knew in exchange we would receive the same; and more so than we ever expected.

We started crate training and obedience training immediately upon arriving home and we never looked back! This dog soaked up everything we threw at her. She was very attentive and interested. I’ve owned quite a few dogs in the past and can tell you there is no comparison in the speed at which Sochi learned the rules of the house and commands. She only had one accident during her entire potty training period and was sitting at the door to go out within what literally seemed like days! I’m not sure if it was just this dog or the breed but she was an all-star! Yes, there was that one accident (which was my fault for playing with her longer than her little bladder could handle) and she did whine and howl for a few nights while getting used to being alone in the crate. But we followed consistent and standard crate training and obedience lessons and she never struggled. It was honestly a breeze training this dog. I never sensed an ounce of stubbornness.

Beyond obedience, she is a very loving and gentle young dog now. We made sure to expose her to as many other people, dogs and weird environments as possible while she was young to insure she was calm and confident. She has no aggression towards any animals and is even great with little kids. I wish I could say a negative thing about this dog, but I am at a loss for words. I love Sochi to death and highly recommend this breed to anyone who can provide adequate attention and affection. If you research the needs of the American Bully, and deliver on your end, this dog will never let you down and will make a fine addition to your family.

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