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Pit-bull / Bulldog mix - UKC designated as Bully


Duarte, California, United States

Posted October 8, 2014

Payday came to us after living for five years in a used car parking lot. She had been kept there by the owner of the car lot and used for breeding purposes. She was kept with a male that was also a UKC registered dog. They were kept as a breeding pair and due to her age, weight and other perceived health issues, a veterinarian had told the owner she would not survive another litter of pups. The owner thought she was pregnant and so when my son who worked for him at the time asked if he could bring her home to have the puppies the owner agreed. We agreed to a trial as we had heard all the bad stories about this type of dog but I wanted to give her an opportunity to have a family and know what it was like to be just a dog. She moved in with us and our other dog accepted her right away and seemed to do what she could to make her comfortable. She took her around the house and showed her where to find the food and water. Turned out she wasn’t pregnant after all and her previous owner gave us her UKC registration paperwork and paid for her tags for the year.

Initially Payday stayed outside as that was what she was familiar with and we allowed her to get to know us on her terms without forcing the relationship. We were given her old dog house and we placed it in the backyard for her. She never went inside it and actually seemed to be afraid of it. We sold the dog house when she started sleeping inside with us. She has had a few accidents but we have learned how to tell when she needs to go outside and she has learned how to let us know when she needs to go out. When she arrived in our home she was overweight and what would be considered morbidly obese in a human. She weighed over 100 pounds and her breed standards stated she should be around 77 pounds. We took her to the vet for a checkup and she was given a clean bill of health. She was not pregnant after all; just fat. We put her on a diet and helped her to reduce her weight which has helped with her breathing issues. She had breathing problems which became worse when she was stressed for any reason. She sounded like a motorcycle in idle. She still sounds like that when she is over exerted or stressed but those moments are rare these days. We took her in a few months ago to have her spayed and when she was on the table the vet discovered she had a uterine infection and so our vet bill was extensive and expensive. She has recovered fully and she seems to feel so much better these days.

Payday is very reserved and laid back. She lies around all day sleeping. She has her favorite spot to sleep when she wants to be away from the family which is not often. Her favorite spot is under my feet as an ottoman and doesn’t seem to mind when I rub her back with my feet. She would love to be in my lap all day but she weighs 78 pounds and is very heavy to have her sitting on me. I rarely allow her to sit in my lap. She loves the children and allows them to sit on her, lay on her and will stand patiently for them to get off her when they pretend she’s a horse. We monitor the kids with her as we do not want the kids to think they can do things like ride her. Most dogs would growl or snap but she just remains still and waits for an opportunity to walk away. We have had her for just over a year now and she has fit in with our family well and recently has started to run and play with the kids and our other dog.

She went on a road trip with us to Seattle WA soon after she came to live with us. We learned that she loves to play in the snow and we learned too late what her signal was to let her out of the car. She pooped in the back of the car and we had to live with the odor for most of the remainder of the trip. I can still smell it on a really hot day. She loves to ride in the car now and will push everyone out of the way to get in the car. Her size makes it difficult to stop her from doing what she wants and once she is in the car she is not moving or changing seats. She listens to commands well and has not needed any training to learn her boundaries. She doesn’t leave the house unless invited and I have no concerns letting her be in the front yard with no leash. She has been a great addition to the family and I would recommend to anyone considering a dog to look at the personality of the dog your choosing as well as the breed. Payday smiles for her friends and scares the heck out of everyone else just by being herself. We hope to have her for many more years.

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