American Bully / German Shepherd Dog Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Female

Training: Books

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United States

Posted February 8, 2015

Dusty is my only girl and maybe she is spoiled a little but I love her like crazy. Her dad was American Bully (pit bull) and her mom was cattle dog/German Shepherd. She is incredibly smart and very active. I rescued her from the local shelter and right away she was spot on with potty training. She has been relatively healthy however she is deaf. This is quite common is all white dogs especially if they have blue eyes. Dusty has still been easy to train. However since she has gotten closer to a year old she shows signs of wanting to be top dog around the others. I can't say some dogs are more prone to aggression, I think it comes down to appropriate training and socialization as a young pup. Any chance I get I am working with my dogs around other dogs and people. When in public Dusty gets complimented on her great behavior. She has been wonderful around kids. I can honestly say I have had more than one Bully breed and I've never had trouble with them around my kids. I also teach my children from the time the dog is introduced into the home how to approach them and not to play around them while they are eating. One concern with bully breeds I think most owners have is their chewing habits. Dusty is currently working her way through my bedsprings. She gets pretty mad at me if I'm not around and sometimes I forget to crate her. Having a safe place for her to go, like a crate with some toys that promote activity is a great way to help with these chewing habits. And LOTS of exercise!

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