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United States

Posted July 1, 2016

Lexi was a fantastic family dog. She was 80 lbs, but thought she was a small, lap dog. I have never seen a more protective dog with children. You could actually see her watch her steps around kids in order to not step on their feet. It was amazing.

American Bulldogs have great jaw strength. They love playing ball and chasing around and taking the ball away from you. They like ropes, bones, and balls. They can jump and leap over walls like a gazelle. They have very short fur and with beautiful markings.

The cons to this dog mine didn't like cats. We called her the cat killer because any strays would go missing or we'd find them dead in our back yard. She also didn't like other dogs, especially small dogs and tried to attack one. She was big, so it was difficult for the smaller women in our family to handle her on a walk. She did shed her short, white fur. She jumped on us a lot and accidentally stepped on my foot (on many occasions) and left bruises.

The pros outweighed the cons, as no one would step foot in our house because she was very protective and large, so people were scared of her. Basically, you don't have to worry about people breaking in your home because she would tear them up. She always wanted to be right with the family. She was part of the family and wanted to be loved. She was a wonderful dog with kids, even very small children. If she thought an adult was harming a child (even as a joke), she would lash out at the adult to protect the child.

This is a great dog! Definitely recommended for the right family.

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