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American Bulldogs are the BEST Family Dogs!


United States

Posted October 1, 2015

Filo has been the best dog a girl could ever ask for! I still remember the day my parents picked me up from school with a surprise in the back seat waiting for me!

As a puppy, he was very easy to train and eager to please for some beggin strips! It was very difficult to train him on the leash though, it always felt like you were connected to a bulldozer with a brick on the accelerator! Hardly any issues with potty training. Teething was another story. Occassionally you would catch him trying to chew on the baseboards and dry wall even with his chewing toys and ropes around the whole house!

He has been a loyal and loving companion that has taken up the middle of my bed every night since we got him! I guess my parents didn't have to worry about boyfriends with him around!

Now in his old age, his spots have faded but he is still 100% macho dog. He has to go to the vet once per month for an appointment relating to his joints. The medicine costs but I'd do anything for Filo Beto (Yes he was named after the Clint Eastwood Movie) He still looks up in the sky to bark at planes and helicopters as they go by, and even though he is slow will chase after an occasional barn cat.

If you are looking for a family dog and protector that is sweet on your little ones, American Bull Dogs are what you have been looking for!

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