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Posted June 17, 2014

Coach was a great dog. Sadly, we lost him to stomach cancer when he was nine, and he suffered from arthritis in his joints from about the age of 5, but he was still one of the best dogs I have ever owned.

We got him as a puppy from a couple that had bred their two American Bulldogs. While shy at first, he became a very social dog. He was great around little children, the only issue being when he got too excited and tried to jump up, causing the little ones to fall down. He was very attached to the whole family, and developed great relationships with all of us.

Training was pretty typical. He took a little time to get the hang of new tricks, but once he did he listened very well. He did very well with basic commands, and was about average with anything more advanced.

One thing I learned with him is that American Bulldogs do tend to bark at things that bother them, but he never was the kind of dog to bark at everything that moved. He howled when he heard sirens, and had active "conversations" with other dogs in the neighborhood. However, we never had a problem with him barking in the middle of the night.

Grooming was pretty simple. He did shed quite a bit, though he was a short-haired dog, and, in the summer, brushing was mandatory at least once a day. American Bulldogs are active dogs, and love rolling around in the dirt, so regular baths are good, though Coach was not a fan of water.

As a guard dog, he was the best. He would immediately separate his family from anyone he felt was threatening or just wanted to keep an eye on.

Coach was one of my best friends. He was very loving and would always be ready to sit and listen to all your problems as long as he could put his head in your lap. I personally would recommend this breed to anyone who is looking for a "lovey-dovey" family dog that is also ready, willing, and able to protect his/her owners from any and all threats.

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