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Ontario, Canada

Posted July 6, 2013

My dog, Roxy looks a lot like a Pit Bull, despite not having any connection to that breed. She's the most loving and caring dog but yet people try to avoid her on the street.
As most mixed breeds, Roxy is very smart, as well. She can learn new words extremely fast, sometimes we are wondering if she really is a dog or a human in a dog costume.

People don't usually let their children play with her which is a shame because as a puppy, she grew up with four children in the house where we adopted her from and she absolutely loved all of them. Ever since, she looks at them as potential playing-buddies. And no, she would not "push them over" while playing, either. She knows how to be gentle. Remember - she is smart as a cookie.

Roxy's mixed breed resulted in a beautiful, brindled coat. The only disadvantage she has is the small ears because she is prone to get infections very easily, as her ears don't clean themselves properly. My heart broke every time it was time to go for an ear canal cleaning at the vet.

She gets along with other dogs well. I can tell that she secretly "has a crush on" bigger dogs. Maybe she likes the fact that there are some dogs that are even bigger than her! She doesn't like small dogs which I believe is because she was bullied by the other dogs in the dog park when she was a puppy. But oh well, everyone has flaws!

Overall, she is a goofy, funny dog. If you happened to come across a mix like hers - don't hesitate because this dog will defend you at any cost and will be a wonderful family pet for many, many years to come.

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