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American Bulldog/ American Pit Bull Terrier


Mississippi, United States

Posted January 23, 2014

Ty was one of two dogs I picked up during a rescue that I was asked to do one winter. A young family had found Ty and another dog in their neighborhood and could not care for them properly, as they were having financial difficulties. The dog, they said, was emaciated and cold and needed somewhere safe to go. When I arrived at the home, Ty was standing in the mud, tied to a stake in the ground. They hadn't exaggerated about his weight, although the other dog was much worse. I gathered the two into my car and headed home.

Despite his condition, Ty was extremely sweet and loving. He enjoyed just sitting and watching people indoors, but he also loved to run at the dog park! Two days later, a local rescue group, Grassroots Animal Rescue, agreed to take Ty into their foster system and find him a new home. He passed his behavior evaluation with flying colors, showing no signs of food aggression, as well as having very positive interactions with kids, cats, and other dogs. A few weeks after his rescue, I received an email from the rescue manager. Ty had found his forever family! They were a family with two young children, and the little boy had fallen in love with Ty as soon as they met!

Would you like to be the happy ending for a dog of this breed? American Bulldogs are generally a fantastic choice for families with children and other pets. The dogs enjoy play time, but they also know when to settle down and be calm. Minimal grooming is required, and they train very easily! Keep in mind that some areas do not allow "bully" breeds, however, as people often mistakenly assume that they are vicious. This type of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) has lead to the unnecessary euthanasia of many "bully" breeds, and it needs to be ended, but I digress. Overall, this breed is a great choice, and I would highly recommend this dog if you are looking for a playful but laid-back sweetheart.

(Unfortunately, I do not have an "after" picture of Ty. The attached picture is the one sent to me by the people who found him.)

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