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clarksville, Tennessee, United States

Posted August 20, 2015

I got Duke from the animal shelter about two years back. He was only a little over a month old when I got him. Someone actually dumped the whole litter (4 puppies, 1 male, 3 females) over the dog pound's fence. I fell in love with Duke the minute I saw him. The Shelter charged us a $200 re-homing fee, but he was worth it.
The $200 was supposed to pay for all of his shots, his de-worming and having him fixed. We got his shots and de-worming paste they gave us, but decided against having him fixed. Duke is a house dog. He doesn't go outside unless he's on his leash and is with one of us. He's not at risk of getting female dog pregnant, and being a boy, he's definitely not at risk of GETTING pregnant! When I was a kid, my parents had a German Sheppard that they had fixed, and within a few months the dog turned mean. I didn't want that for Duke.
He's a great Guard Dog and is extremely loyal. Duke is really good with kids and is very protective of them. And not just his kids, either. He's protective of ALL children. We didn't train him to do that, it's just how he is. Duke is actually a mixed breed. 1/2 American Bulldog, 1/2 Red Pitt Terrier. If you're looking for a med-large dog, I'd definitely recommend one like Duke. He's great with kids, and doesn't have a problem with other animals. He was hyper for the first year or so, but now he's very laid back and relaxed. And he doesn't bark unless he sees something that shouldn't be happening. The breed needs lots of attention, lots of love and loves to cuddle. Get one and enjoy!

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