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My Amazing Rage


Virginia, United States

Posted April 21, 2014

Before I got this dog from the pet store, I've heard great things about it. But on the first day I brought her home, she was behaving very strange (got angry easily), so I named her 'rage'.

The following days were different as she started adapting to her new family. I observed that she is very intelligent and very lively. But often times, that anger trait still reflected in her.

She barks at strangers especially visitors who are coming for the first time. But after spending some time with the stranger, she gets to know them. This is one thing I love about her, her mood changes with time. She exhibits this exact behavioral pattern to every new stranger.

Of course, I trained her to be neat and discouraged every manner of dirtiness; be it with herself or her environment. I even observed that she naturally dislikes a dirty environment, so I ensured that she continued that way.

She learns quickly and she is also very alert. She will make a very good guard or watch dog, at least I can judge a little by her behavior towards strangers.

Rage was an awesome dog, fun to be with. But I think her breed tends to behave differently depending on how they were trained right from birth. I say this because a friend of mine who owns a similar breed mentioned some additional traits which I couldn't find in mine.

But I still did my best to instill the proper behavioral pattern that I wanted in her. I just loved my Rage.

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