Big Mo

American Alsatian Mix

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My Pillow with Eyeballs


United States

Posted February 14, 2016

He is often referred to as the "anti-dog" or an "alien," but most affectionately there is a running joke between my friends and I that my Pekingese-mixed pup is simply a "pillow with eyeballs." He is truly a character, with a surprisingly complex personality. At one moment he exuberantly anticipates all who greet him and is a frantic ball of energy and at another moment he is indelibly lying on the floor unable to be persuaded to move for anything or anyone. Ultimately though he is a naturally jovial creature who indiscriminately loves all and truly does not have an aggressive bone in his entire body (again where the pillow analogy comes in). The one downside to this lackadaisical attitude is carries over into the often important and endlessly frustrating domain of training. He is incorrigible to convince to move or act in a certain way that doesn't strike his fancy. Getting Mo to behave in a specific way at a specific time has become almost a comic attempt and one that has spiked all of my creativity. I know to get him to simply walk with me down the street or sit on command I have to convince him that the idea came from within him, not me. It is not ego that I combat and it is not that he doesn't care, per se. It is something inherent in the breed that makes the Pekingese very self-motivated and independent creatures. On one hand, perhaps this makes the moments (and there are more often than not) where he simply wants your love and to snuggle more meaningful, but on the other hand, his stubbornness has made it so I have to adapt my lifestyle to his and not the other way around. By this I mean, I am an active person; I like going on hikes and long walks and I ideally want a four-legged companion on my journeys. Somewhere along the way, I had to accept that Big Mo would not be this companion for me, and that's okay. Next time around, I definitely would want an animal that could be more active, predictably active and flexible, but Big Mo compensates for his independence in so many other ways. He is truly a pleasure and a gift to be around. One that offers unconditional love and pure delight to all that he meets. I can't imagine my life without him and highly recommend these animals if your lifestyle can suit his; not the other way around.

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