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American akita's


United States

Posted May 27, 2009

ive owned or lived around one most of my life. the breed is very thick headed and can be aloof. when they are young they NEED to be socialized or else they wont be good around strange people or animals.

they are very protective so you have to make them believe that you dont need protection you are the one who is suppose to protect them. otherwise they will guard you unnecessarily from people.
 the dogs do not bark unless their is something very important, danger ect.

the breed was originally from japan and they were treated like royalty, they hunted pigs and bear. their coats were so soft they were almost killed off when they used their fur to line the soldiers clothes. this of course is a lie they were skinned but never treated like royalty during WW2 they loaned these dogs (hunting dogs they were indeed) off to the soldiers spouting they were royal canines  ect ect 

then they saw how much of a hit they were AFTER they ahd altered the japanese breed the dogs they gave to the US had much of the more important parts of the bloodline so they continued to make the Japanese different until we have two totally opposite dogs:

Americans akitas: hulky and built like bears with bigger ears and rounder heads. all colors and patters accepted in the US AKC. black masks preferred.

Japanese Akita: sleek taller and leaner more fur shorter ears and a more box head colors allowed by their KC are as follows:  Brindle, White, red. no black masks allowed.

the breed is over all healthy but can succumb to hot spots, bloat and hip displacement.
they are very easily trained once you have gotten used to their thick skulls. 

an american akita should walk with power in the step and a sense of pride they should have a regal look about them and a sense of worth.

the breed only sheds twice a year and its called blowing. their skin is very sensitive so shampoo with aloe is required or an oatmeal bath.

in the U.S all colors and markings are accepted.

any more info contact me at  littlezoologist@yahoo.com

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