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My Experience with Akitas



Posted May 8, 2014

My Akita was an interesting character- we got him from a breeder when he was around 8 weeks old and even at that age he was really large- he resembled a little bear cub.

The breeder warned us he would grow to be a big boy and he definitely did that, growing to be almost 200 lbs.

I remember being a bit nervous when we first got him because I’d been told that the breed was somewhat overbearing and potentially nasty; we had a very small daughter at home (2 ½ years old) and the breeder advised that Akitas could be a bit of a concern with children, but my husband was adamant.

He turned out to be one of the sweetest and most docile dogs I’ve ever met.

He was very good with our daughter all through his life and when our cat had a litter of kittens he was very careful with them as well.

He was also an excellent walker and though he was sometimes given to pulling our trainer advised using a Halti- once we got him used to that the pulling stopped and he was a joy to walk.

As for training, he was highly intelligent and always ready to learn; our trainer found him to be very easy to work with and he learned quickly.

As far as temperament he was a wonderful dog; the only violent thing we ever experienced was waking up one morning to find that he had ripped the throat out of a skunk that wandered near his house in the night (he had spent the night outside as it was extremely hot out and he was uncomfortable in the house with his thick coat).

He hadn’t eaten the skunk or done any further damage, simply killed it and went back to bed it seemed.

The only other negative thing I would say is that he had an incredibly thick coat and he shed profusely; if you are even slightly allergic to dogs this probably isn’t the breed for you.

I was having to give the house a quick vacuum almost daily in order to deal with the shedding.

All in all though, he was definitely worth it.

Nicky was an amazing dog; he was so gentle, loyal and intelligent and we were lucky to have him.

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