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My Askabana


53100, Mexico

Posted February 6, 2013

What can I say... Just for writing Askabana I got the goosebumps of love! She is tender, patient, loving, playful, beautiful, what else can I say. I have her since I was pregnant of my first kid, and I remember perfectly when I laid her on my big belly and there she fell asleep all the time as a puppy. Because she was a little scared puppy always running towards dark little places.

And now, that my baby (ohh my god, not a baby anymore) is about to be 4 years old, she is like a sister and mother at the same time. Because she is always putting off with both of my crazy kids. So patient and playful. And sometimes mischievous, because if my kids go out to the yard with food in their hands, she gently manages her way to take that food out of them without harming or biting them. It's really fun to see. What is not fun is the crying of "Mom, Aska took my food". (Now they know better and don't go out with any food).

She loves to be around them. And when she got tired, she goes and hide in here dog house. She also gets super excited when new people arrive, because she is so social an playful.

I love my Aska. And I love that Aska love my kids.

Pure breed... half breed... The real beauty in a dog is the unconditional love.

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