Alaskan Malamute / Siberian Husky Mix

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3520, Belgium

Posted September 28, 2014

I bought my dog ??as a puppy. We went to a dog school for three months, mainly to socialize. After this we trained her ourself. The hardest part of her training was learning to be alone and housebroken if we were not at home. These two also depend largely together. She was about two years old when she was really good alone.

We also bought a cat when she was almost 2 years, we had to train her to accept the cat as a member of the pact and now they are inseparable. She is also great with children, very sweet and caring.

A few times a week we go to a place where dogs are allowed to roam, this is also going well. Sometimes there are minor collisions with other dogs, but that is usually a dominance fight and is never serious. Runing without the leash is also going well, but you always have to have an eye for other animals, the hunting instinct is quickly reflected.

In terms of brushing you do have a lot of work as the molting begins, the whole house is full of hair, you can not keep it clean not even if u vacuum two times a day. When she is not moulting the grooming is not that difficult, brushing once a week is enough.

I would definitely want the same breed, I do not think we are going to get another breed after her.

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