Alaskan Malamute Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Female

Training: Books

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United States

Posted February 25, 2015

My family and I adopted a mix that was supposed to be mostly Malamute. She was absolutely beautiful, I have to admit. Great colors, cute little curly-q on her tail, all the goods, you know. But boy, she had anger issues. Now, we adopted her, and I honestly have no idea what caused her issues, but she was extremely protective, especially of her food. She also had claimed the corner at the bottom of our staircase and if she was there, she would (occasionally) growl at any passing members.

Unfortunately, later, we moved to another home, one which had a really nice carpeted dog house in the garage. I remember I leaned in once to pet her and she snapped at me. Of course, I didn't think anything of it, but my parents were not pleased.

To make matters worse, she eventually snapped at the neighbor girl and we had to put her down. I know that over all she sounds like a terrible dog, but when she wasn't angry, she was awesome! So much fun to play with, and she even played with the cat we had. Although she was fun at times, it didn't outweigh the bad times, which seemed to be much worse. My experience has been bad with them, but I've met some really lovely Malamutes at dog parks, so I know they are great dogs overall.

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